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"I didn't expect to live this long. Oh, yes, I am so grateful to God for keeping me here. He has been mighty good to Boot! I won't complain. When my mind thinks back to my mother, Olivia and my father, Rev. Jones, I think that they would be proud of their knee-baby, Cora.. Might not have run for President (smile), but my life has been full of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control.  Not perfect, but the fruit of the Spirit of God has brought me this far!"

A Century of Living:
   The Autobiography of Cora Jones 'Boot' McLeod
A Century+ of Living:
The Autobiography of Cora Jones 'Boot' McLeod


Dorothy, Gladys and I decided that we would start our own beauty shop. Don't know how in the world we came up with the name, Tip Top Beauty Shop, but we liked that it rhymed and sounded good. It was a cozy place of business where new girls coming out of Beauty School could come and learn tips and things that we gals knew how to do to make the customers look their best.

Mr. Lemann was renting his building for $15 a month. So Dot, Gladys and I knew that we could handle $5 every month. We stepped out on faith and the rest is Hayti history. 

Available January 2022!
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