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       It is not easy to talk about yourself; however, I can state, pretty straightforwardly, that I am a child of God. From my earliest memories, I remember hearing that God loves me. My daddy was a preacher man and he believed in raising his children by the Bible. We walked the 2-mile country road to church every Sunday- Papa, Mama Olivia and all my brothers and sisters. It was called  Jones Chapel and most of the children were Jones-es.

I was the knee-baby and I liked to have fun with my baby sister, Christine.

      Papa owned a farm and my brothers all worked on the farm. Out of the twelve children, my brother Otis died at 21, in 1931. We moved from Wake County to Durham County in March of 1932. Papa preached at two churches and we lived life well. Papa died the year of 1934 and life brought its changes.

       In my book, I share more of the things that happened when we moved to Durham and after Papa died. I did meet James, 'Buster' McLeod, who worked with my brother, Lennon-we called him 'Budja' and became Mrs. Cora McLeod on April 25, 1936. Somehow, I knew I was going to do hair. When DeShazor's Beauty School offered a program to get licensed, I quickly enrolled. Graduation Day was six-months later in August 1943 and mother Olivia and all my family was very proud of me!

      Papa had us join Mount Vernon Baptist Church before he went to heaven. I joined the Usher Board in 1955. The Lord blessed me to serve my church family for nearly sixty years, greeting and seating the church family and friends. I love my church, all the Pastors who have shepherded me and all the wonderful members. One sweet day, my body will lay, front and center, at the altar of Mount Vernon and I long to hear the words of my Lord and Savior saying, "Well done, Cora, my good and faithful servant." 


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